advertising is innovation, a journey each and every one of us takes day-by-day. this medium, based on existing symbols and traditions, helps fuel progression, and the persuasive fusion of messages that are conveyed to the us.

I designed and managed all the marketing for my student union, as well as frequently producing posters for external organisations. in addition I designed front covers for our college’s monthly student magazine, and in december 2008 my promotional work for the band pendulum came to a climax. as a result I obtained backstage passes and established contact with the tour manager.

I relish being kept busy as pressure helps me stay both motivated and focused, but I also develop my skills through experience in completing these voluntary projects. I always try and develop to create a better product than in the past, and to pick up new skills along the way. it has always been my philosophy that we only live once, we all have a shelf life, and we all should reach our full potential and increase our knowledge base.

this blog represents my observations, opinions and reflections of the environment I live in, in a unique and journalistic style. a blog to me is a portal for which I can act upon observations I have made; where I can demonstrate my understanding through recreating or illustrating an image, video or story. throughout my blog I have refused to be lazy in simply linking an image or video without any opinions or comments; I have not only provided a blog that is 100% original work, but also written based on opinion, reflection and consideration. my blog isn’t how most would reflect their inspirations, but this is what works for me; I’m not looking for a scrapbook of quantitative imagery, but a blog of qualitative, unbiased, literate and reflective interpretation. although this may not be traditionally creative, I hope you, the reader, understand that creativity can speak through words, and that opinion can be expressed both visually and textually.